Valentines Day


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It’s the end of January already, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!  These earrings are an awesome gift and they’re on my etsy shop right now!! Inspired by those awesome little sweetheart candies… these are hand-stamped copper earrings!

The copper is hammered and domed to create a three-dimensional effect then carefully stamped with my fabulous vintage letter stamps…Stamping requires concentration and I will admit is tedious to do since I stamp each letter individually…  but the result is this amazing pair of copper earrings!  Find these sweethearts on my etsy shop (Sunshine On Water) here:


Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~ Artisan Jewelry



Valentines Day and gift giving

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Ok so it may seem like Valentines Day is far away but no, it’s two weeks from tomorrow!!  Valentines Day always arrives with people scrambling for a gift at the last minute, usually the day before which in my opinion, is why people give candy! Yes, I get the “sweets for your sweetheart” concept but I think you can admit candy is quick and easy to get!

After thinking about it a few weeks ago, I wondered what I could make that people could give as a gift on Valentines Day… With the idea of sweetheart in mind, I again came back to candy!  The candy sweethearts, you know the ones with the sayings on them like “cutie pie” and “love”!  I recently got some copper discs from Thunderbird Supply so I made these little copper sweethearts!  The discs have been hammered, stamped and domed then added to earhooks!  If you want something unique for your sweetheart this holiday, these are a great idea!  Take a look at my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water and get a pair before they’re gone!!!


Red Hot

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I made these with thoughts of Valentines in mind!    I formed all aspects of the silver on these and hammered the silver strands.  The czech glass beads give a nice pop of color!  They are great for everyday wear and so comfy with the sterling silver earring hooks.  I entered these in the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team’s monthly challenge! This month the theme was “Red Hot” and tomorrow is the last day to vote.  The winner gets their etsy shop featured on the RNEST Blog…aka more online visibility (always a bonus)!   To Vote just go to this link:

These are also available on my etsy shop,

A week full of holidays!!

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 I made this sterling silver heart pendant & jump ring with thoughts of Valentine's Day in mind!
I made this sterling silver heart pendant & jump ring with thoughts of Valentine’s Day in mind!

This week has been a crazy one! It is chock full of holidays!  I’ve had to keep myself (and my daughter) super organized so we remember everything.   Although, not normally my best quality, organization that is, it has been going alright thanks to the (free in the mail) calander my mom brought over last month!  

Last week we started the prep work for THIS week… it started with making the Semi-homeade Valentine’s cards for my daughters class, about a hour and a floor covered with paper doile reminents later, they were finished!  
By Monday we were in full swing… the juice boxes and the Valentine’s cards had to be brought in to school for the upcoming party (and so we wouldn’t forget them), Tuesday came and it was Presidents Day and Mardi Gras…. and we are crazy about Mardi Gras!  We used to live in Texas and it’s a big holiday there, in New York not so much.  But that’s ok because we still celebrate with good food, music and King Cake!  Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, another holiday for us to talk about!   Thursday- today-Valentines and (early )President’s Day celebrations!!
Ahhh, the list doesn’t stop here, tomorrow is the 100th day of SCHOOL!! I’m not sure about others, but we had to come up with a collection of 100 (small) things.  The choices are endless but in reality, coins make your hands stink after counting 100 of them, crayons are the common option but also a boring one, they’re not allowed to bring in food items so macaroni was out, and we have a bunch of cotton balls but not quite enough… SO we used beads (and they sure are small but they fit in the ziploc!).   I had one hard time keeping them on the table to recount them and make sure there were 100!  The 100 Days collection needs to go in tomorrow and we should put it in the backpack tonight otherwise we’re apt to forget tomorrow! 

After that is there a break…maybe, temorarily, but probably not.  It’s a whirlwind but it’s all fun in the end!  I have no idea how I have time for my own artistic creations among this, but somehow I manage! Happy Week of Holidays my friends!! 

“Color of Love”: Meet Betsy Murray

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"Color of Love": Meet Betsy Murray.

I am featured on this WordPress blog by Peggy Martinez today! She is a local artist. What a great opportunity, you can take a look at my latest metalwork jewerly! 🙂