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Clothesline Arts Festival!

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This weekend is the Clothesline Arts Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY!  It’s a fabulous event with everything from art, food & music to admission to the museum!!   This will be my first year there as a vendor and I am really looking forward to it!  Last year, I went as a shopper and was blown away at how wonderful of a show it was.  I left to thinking to myself “I need to apply to this next year”!  I did and fortunately was accepted!

I have been working hard creating new jewelry which you will find at my booth this weekend (including new Initial Pendants and many fabulous pairs of sterling silver earrings)!  Consider stopping by Clothesline Arts Festival this Saturday or Sunday if you’re in the Upstate NY area, there will be an amazing selection of hand-crafted art from paintings to pottery to jewelry.  You can find me -Sunshine On Water- in Section A Booth 133 behind the museum.  I hope to see you there!



Winter wonderland

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Our street is a winter wonderland with a snow covered road, I don’t mind snow but I don’t like driving in this much of it, thank goodness for snow tires! And if you wondered, yes there was school today!!!
Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water

New Year, New Goals

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New year, new photos for etsy! As the new year is here, its all about new resolutions, new goals… we each have ours. With Sunshine On Water jewelry you will find new pieces, some bigger, some more personal but all with the goal of being comfortable yet beautiful in mind. You can find more updated photos on my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water, this week!

Cursive Letter d in sterling silver

2015 is here, Happy NEW Year to all!!!

Snowy day

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The birds are enjoying our new birdfeeder on this snowy NY day!! The cardinals were the main visitors along with a few other birds! The snow is here in full force in Rochester, NY today. The roads were snowy and slippery, I am thankful for snow tires!
Betsy – Sunshine On Water

Sky meet Cornfield

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Sky and cornfield are mid-afternoon inspiration in Upstate NY. There is so much more to New York State than New York City! I live in NY state but am almost six hours away from New York City. In fact, the last time I was there was 15+ years ago!

There is so much to see in Upstate NY, especially along Lake Ontario. Get out and explore your state, nature is amazing!
Betsy – Sunshine On Water


Holiday Bazaar Arts and Craft Show

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I just finished a 3 day craft show at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in Rochester, NY. It was a great show, so many talented artists from all over the area and beyond NY. The woman vending next to me was from Cleveland and another vendor nearby was from south of Scranton, PA! I had so much fun sharing my jewelry with others and meeting new people. A handful of customers who passed by or stopped, had bought jewelry from me at a previous show! I sold these little chili pepper and sterling earrings this weekend! It was exciting since they were the only pair I had like them, and they’ve found a new home!


It was a long but fun weekend, now to continue with custom orders and prep for my next show this Sunday at the Rochester Public Market! In the meantime check out my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water for Christmas gift ideas!!
Betsy – Sunshine On Water


My 100th sale on etsy!

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I finally made it!!   One week ago I had my 100th sale on etsy!  It took awhile but I made it and am proud I persevered as a seller on etsy!  Four years ago, I opened an etsy shop under another name.  I didn’t list anything but at least I had opened a shop.  I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was doing.  Looking back, my pictures were horrible, my titles were short and I only used about 4 out of the 13 tags allowed when listing an item for sale.  Tags are what help you get found in online search….the more tags you use the more chances you have of getting found!  How could I have only use 4 tags?  The only possible answer is, I just didn’t know!  I had NO idea. I had no boss or adviser teaching me, guiding me or giving me constructive criticism, it was just me.


Since 2010, I have changed my etsy shop name 2 times.  I am finally happy with Sunshine On Water, it fits me and my jewelry.  Knowing that I have a much more cohesive look between my shop and my work is important.  It’s still a learning process though which I think is good thing because what works today might not in a month!


On occasion, I have had people ask how I like etsy, what works & what doesn’t…. in general, etsy is a great place for people to see your work. I think of it as an online portfolio where people I meet can reference my work, look on their own time and maybe (hopefully) by something.  They may even become a loyal customer!

Since my 100th sale, I have thought a lot about my work and how to best describe it on etsy.  At craft shows I am there interacting with customers, on etsy that’s not the case…. hence the etsy “About” section.  “About” is a section each shop can choose to include for etsy viewers to read. It gives insight on the artist and the product they make.  Today I finally reworked my “About” section to better reflect me and my work!  You can read it  here and let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!   ~  Betsy  ~