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It’s the end of January already, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!  These earrings are an awesome gift and they’re on my etsy shop right now!! Inspired by those awesome little sweetheart candies… these are hand-stamped copper earrings!

The copper is hammered and domed to create a three-dimensional effect then carefully stamped with my fabulous vintage letter stamps…Stamping requires concentration and I will admit is tedious to do since I stamp each letter individually…  but the result is this amazing pair of copper earrings!  Find these sweethearts on my etsy shop (Sunshine On Water) here:


Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~ Artisan Jewelry



Blue and Copper Earrings

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I made these earrings with recycled copper my mom had found and given me… I love recycling and this is a great way to do so.  I formed the circles and hammered them to reflect the light… to create harmony I added the polished blue glass rings (which I got on etsy from a shop in Virginia).   Blue and orange are complimentary colors so this combination worked out well!  What do you think??  To see more photos, check out on my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water.   The link is:

Everything I do is created to be beautiful but functional.  Being a mom, comfort is key for day to day activities.   I look for comfortable and practical but I still need a little beauty!  I strive to connect comfort & beauty in my hand-made jewelry!   The earring hooks on these are nickle-free, so for those with sensitive skin, they are a great option!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water