Come back to the core, our children that is!

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If you are a parent of an Elementary or Middle School student, the hot topic of the past month has been the Common Core ELA and Math tests.  What to do?  Does your child take them or not?  Everyone has their opinion and reason behind their decision- or at least many do!

I have talked with numerous parents about this over the past month.  Parents of children in my daughters grade, friends, family members, teachers, neighbors and the principal of my daughters school.  I could have done nothing but I didn’t, I listened.  I wanted to be pro-active, to be involved and educated on what was behind the scenes in regards to these two tests.  To me, it was important that I advocate for my child after all who else is going to?! My child is not an above average student, she is 8 years old, loves to play sports, run outside and watch cartoons on the weekends.  In school, she is like a wave, she does well on classwork then dips down again on her tests.  Sometimes she has the opportunity to retake them which is helpful for her and us.  It gives us the chance to review the material she needs more practice on and allows her to grasp the concepts presented.

I feel the topic of these tests has shifted from what this is all about- our children.  What about them?  It seems our governor needs to pay more attention to those children taking the tests.  Focus on what is fundamental, focus on the confidence of our children and focus on our teachers!

Learning is more than just test taking, it is about becoming interested in new things and having confidence in yourself.  I remember how much I loved 2nd grade. It was my favorite year and as a student and I remember the excitement of learning… I attribute that to my teacher!

I am a parent of a 3rd grader, we are refusing the NY State Common Core ELA and Math tests.  As my mother in law stated “Why make her feel any less fabulous than she is?”  We agree!

There are enough tests in our children’s lives but this is one we will pass on for now.  This whole issue really needs to come back to the core of what this is about – our children!


There are many articles regarding this topic but I thought this one is worth sharing and reading:



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