Tie Dying Tips

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Just think of all the cool things you can tie dye!  As long as you use 100% cotton products you can tie dye.  The importance of using cotton is that it holds the color.  Be sure to check the label before you buy an item to tie dye, if there is polyester in it don’t bother buying it since the color will not adhere to the fabric (I found this out the hard way while dying onsies that I didn’t check the labels on)!  It’s also important to think about your colors, what works well?  I use Dylon dye since I prefer the color options and bright colors they create… You can find Dylon at Jo Anne Fabrics in the shirt and dye section.  Be sure to add a pinch of salt to your water and dye mix to ensure color brightness!

People often ask how you form a spiral? The key is in the twist of your misted wet shirt, use a dowel and twist in one direction until tight then add rubber bands and you can get started with your color application!! 

Tie dying is fun to do but honestly it takes practice to perfect! People often think they can do it easily then end up with a ruined shirt.  Take your time, be sure you mixed your colors with warm water and a pinch of salt then shake well!! Make sure your shirt is well misted and most important, WEAR rubber gloves!  That is unless you don’t mind purple fingers for the next 4 days! Have fun!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water 

Hand-made jewelry artist in Upstate NY


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