Pittsburgh day trip

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Last weekend, my husband and I drove to Pittsburgh, Pa for the day. It is a beautiful city, very pretty with so many different types of bridges, all various colors! The two rivers meet to form the Ohio River and that meeting point is where Pittsburgh sits. The city as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium is along the river banks. You can see all this from the top of one of the two inclines in the city. We went to one and at the top were able to see these amazing views early Sunday morning!


IMG_4487.JPG We also stopped at the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History and Art. It is a museum worth visiting if you are in Pittsburgh! There is so much to see, from dinosaurs to minerals to paintings, you will not get bored here! I of course, was in awe of the gems and minerals, the amazing pieces they have, beautiful amethyst and amazing Agate, I had to snap a few photos!

I am back from Pittsburgh and back to work on new jewelry designs! You can see my sterling silver jewelry on my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water. Please keep hand-made in mind this holiday season!!
Betsy – Sunshine On Water


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