Salsa to Silver

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Fall is here and the leaves are starting to change colors!  Now is the time to harvest the last of your tomatoes in the Northeast! I love making homeade salsa with fresh tomatoes, it’s easy, tastes so much better than the canned version (in my opinion) and my kids like it!  If you don’t have a garden, stop at a local farm-market instead…All you need is:

1 or 2 Fresh tomatoes chopped into small pieces, red or sweet onion chopped, a few cloves of garlic finely chopped, black pepper, a few squeezes of fresh lime juice, a pinch of salt and cilantro for garnish.  Mix it together, let it sit briefly to absorb flavors and serve with tortilla chips!  It’s easy and so good you’ll want to make more the next day!

Along with outdoor activities and farm markets to visit, I have been getting ready for upcoming art and craft shows in Upstate NY.  I recently ordered new sterling silver from Thunderbird Supply since the price of silver has gone down quite drastically the past few weeks.  As of today, Monday, the price has gone up to 17.32 US dollars per troy ounce.  It’s time to get to working on new jewelry designs!  You can see new necklaces on my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water…all are hand-formed and come with a sterling silver chain!

P1510403Have a great week!!


One thought on “Salsa to Silver

    Deb said:
    October 6, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    I love this kind of salsa!

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