Earrings for everyday

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Fashion and accessory fads tend to lean toward big, chunky jewelry but if you’re looking for the perfect pair of earrings (to wear everyday), check these out!!


 These sterling silver fringe earrings are funky… and fun!  They are the perfect accessory to wear day or night, with jeans or a little black dress!  The best part about these earrings is they are 100% handmade, yep you got it, I hand-formed all the metalwork with sterling silver, hammered the silver strands, silver soldered the rings then polished and viola…  Even the earring hooks are hand-formed with thin gauge sterling silver!  These are the perfect go-to earrings to add to your wardrobe

You can find these beauties on my etsy shop, Sunshine On Water here:


I work hard to make jewelry that you can wear on a daily basis, feel comfortable in and enjoy!!

Sunshine On Water jewelry is hand-crafted in Upstate New York by Betsy Murray.



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