Making jewelry with beach glass

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Here are some new Sunshine On Water earrings I’ve been making using sterling silver and beach glass!  The beach glass I use is from Lake Erie, it’s lovely!

Sunshine On Water earrings

Many people ask me if I drill the holes, I do not.  I have tried drilling shell with my dremel tool but basically I ended up breaking it and not being able to drill clear through.  Ok, it was total mess!  I know a few artists who collect beach glass, they do the drilling then ship to me.  Drilling glass or shell is really difficult and since metalsmithing is my forte, I’ll leave the drilling up to someone else who knows exactly what to to do it!  Part of the work involves drilling without cracking the glass or shell which takes time and good tools!

Lake Erie Beach Glass
Lake Erie Beach Glass

These earrings incorporate round rings with opaque beach glass!  I formed the round rings, then hammered them lightly.  I also made the jump rings then silver soldered both the round rings and jump rings.  After cleaning and polishing, I made and added on the the earring hooks.  ALL of the metalwork was made my me- yes, 100% hand-formed metalwork.  These lovely earrings are great for summer days!  You can find them on, my shop is Sunshine On Water!

Natuical Inspired Shell and Beach Glass earrings

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~ Hand-made in New York


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