Making jewelry that withstands the test of kids

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People often forget that I can fix jewelry as well as make jewelry!

I generally don’t but if you have a special piece of jewelry that you can’t wear anymore because it’s broken or the jump ring has pulled off let me know!  I make all my own jump rings with sterling silver and silver solder them closed so they won’t come open if pulled by little hands.

I have kids, I know what it’s like when they get their adorable little fingers on your necklace or earrings… they like to touch!  A few years ago, I bought a new pair of glasses.  I really liked them and my daughter, who was around 1 or 2 years old, wanted to help put them on me one day…the short story, she completely pulled them apart stretching them out beyond repair!  Ahhh!!  I remember calling my eye doctors office, explaining what happened, only to be assured that I had ONE month left before my 1 year warranty was up!  Whew, thank goodness!

Needless to say, kids are kids so I try to make jewelry that will withstand the everyday, that way you can wear my jewelry everyday! In a way you can say I’m my own test subject since my kids haven’t broken any of the jewelry I’ve made myself in the past 3 years… and with 2 little ones, that’s pretty impressive! 🙂

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water  on etsy:



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