One and only on Fathers Day

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Father’s Day reminds me of all the memories I’ve had with my dad over the past years as a child and now grown.  I always looked up to him, was inspired by him.  We look alike, as so many people say, and are both stubborn!

I always loved creating art, whether painting, drawing or sewing when I was little… to now creating hand-made jewelry and art.  Memories of my dad writing stories with hand-drawn pictures for my sister and I, making a hand-made Trivial Pursuit Game for our family and learning to carve duck decoys are just a few.  Maybe I saw the creativeness in him and it struck a cord with me or maybe I inherited some artistic gene, I have no idea.  It really doesn’t matter.  He is an amazing dad and always encouraged me to work hard.  It’s all about doing your best….

My dad can be a little hyper, very sporadic and impulsive.  If he’s ready to go, you better be ready if you’re going with him otherwise he will leave without you!  Two years ago, my family and my parents were on vacation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  My husband and I were going out on a (rare) date, my parents were watching  the kids.  My husband and I were up in the condo getting ready to go  and since our kids had already eaten dinner, my parents were taking them out for ice cream. I went out on the balcony after they left and the next part of this was caught on camera….



My kids- going to get ice cream- in a shopping cart!!!  YES, we had a stroller with us but my dad put the kids in a shopping cart that he found in the condo complex and rolled them to the ice cream shop a few blocks away! I caught them in the act from the balcony above… so funny it made me laugh!

I love him and am so thankful for having this amazing man as my dad!!   HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dad’s out there!



Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water



One thought on “One and only on Fathers Day

    Dad said:
    June 22, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Betsy thanks for all the kind words and pics we have some good memories and you are doing nice on your artistry keep on doing your best as that’s what it’s all about. Love Dad

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