How my college “stumble” lead me in the right direction

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Ever since I was little I loved to create things with my hands, I especially loved to draw and paint.  Art was my favorite subject in High School and I had some drawings of mine in a few kids magazines over the years.   To think about it as a career though never crossed my mind when I was young.  I’m not sure why, it was always something I liked to do but I never thought of it as more than that.   I pursued my other love- sports  and went to college to be an athletic trainer.  That was a lot of work spent with sports teams, traveling with them to games in Pennsylvania and New York…. it was time consuming but I also enjoyed what I was doing.   Then one day, things began to change at  the college I attended and I began feeling LOST.  What was I going to do, what was I meant to do, where should I go…. I remember thinking all those things.

I transferred colleges Junior year amid this confusion,  tried to carry out the same goal of being an athletic trainer.  I suddenly became a little fish in a BIG pond and then the snowball began to form.  I loved what I was doing but I felt like all the hard work I had put in at my previous school (about 1000 hours spent with sports teams at practice, games and in the athletic training room) were all meaningless at my new school.  I tried my hard but getting a D in Exercise Physiology forced me out of the athletic training program and I had to get the rest of my required intern hours on my own.   I did this by interning at St. John Fisher College with their football team and finished the remaining 500 hours there.  Fortunately, among that time I meet an awesome man who I followed to Texas and later married… Unfortunately that school “stumble” was frustrating for me career wise.

I did not pass the National Athletic Training exam after taking it 2 times.  Hope of becoming what I spent 4 years learning about was null and void.  Honestly, that’s what it left in me… a void, a career void.   What was I going to do?  After years of working a few teaching jobs (which I loved), I knew I needed to fill that void.  It was hard leaving my job but at 26 I decided to take the leap!  I went back to the same college I had transferred to and got a BA degree in Studio Art.

I look back and am so thankful to have pursued this passion that had lain dormant.  All these difficult times made me persistent.  I am so thankful I took that leap because the same year I graduated with my art degree, my daughter was born. All my time was then dedicated to her and that was ok because I had my degree in Art, my passion! I had learned so much, I took the classes I wanted to take and that made me happy!  Life has ups and downs but I am finally on the right path!


Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~



2 thoughts on “How my college “stumble” lead me in the right direction

    Lauren said:
    May 28, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Love you! so proud of you and glad you did that internship at sjfc! 🙂

      petunia106 responded:
      May 28, 2014 at 1:42 am

      Thank you so much! Yes, me too! 😉

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