Whale Tail Earrings

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Recently, someone sent me information on an upcoming art exhibit, the theme, Mermaids and Seahorses… I sat at my desk and for some reason whale tails came to me!  Maybe it was the mermaid ring holder on my desk or maybe it’s because I am inspired by nature and anything water related?..  Either way, I came up with these “Whale Tail” earrings!!  I used sterling silver to make the tails, connection pieces and earring hooks.  I added the shell beads to represent the whale body.


Why do I make my own earring hooks?  My # 1 reason… I do it to keep all the metalwork hand-made!  My #2 reason… At shows, people often ask me what kind of metal I use or they mention that they have sensitive skin. By making my own hooks I know what they are made of, sterling silver.  I can be confident that customers know what they’re getting… it’s not a guessing game.   For me, it is important to make jewelry that people can wear comfortably on a regular basis!  Check out my hand-made work on etsy at Sunshine On Water here:


Have a Happy Memorial weekend!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water


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