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Sometimes it is so hard to get everything done!  You all know what I mean stay at home moms/dads… laundry, snacks, lunch, grocery shopping, playing outside, legos, vaccuming the spilled granola off the floor, etc!  Among all that is you- the mom (or dad)!  I try to get things done during the day but with little or no napping by my 4 year old, doing my own thing is just plain difficult during the day.

P1470602                                                                 P1470611

I had my first show of the year yesterday, went really well & was good to do something for myself!   After a few months off post-holidays, I enjoyed setting up my display again.  Plus, it was also great to get dressed up and be among other adults  for the day!   I love being home with my kids but I will be honest, it feels good to get out and participate in shows once in awhile.

Preparing for this show, I had to do some work during the day the week before…. which meant my son was around- and curious.  Since I work with metal, not all conditions are ideal for a 4 yr. old… so I adapt!  I form all my own designs then silver solder- the latter not a safe environment for a little boy…. think flux, flame, hot metal!!  I do that on my own but when it comes to cleaning my soldered metal, I’ve become “kid-friendly” with the pickle I use.  For those unfamiliar, pickle is a solution in which you submerge your newly soldered metal to remove baked on flux and fire scale.  There are many commercial solutions which I wouldn’t want to use for home use, especially with children.  For that reason I make my own pickle with Vinegar and Salt…. it works great, is inexpensive, eco-friendly and safe to use with my kids around.   Plus…my son was able to help me mix and rinse my soldered pieces which made him happy!

Initial Pendants by Sunshine On Water
Some of my display yesterday, Sunshine On Water

When I got home from the show, my house was picked up,  counters were cleaned and dinner was cooking… all thanks for my husband.  Sometimes it’s the little  things in life for all of us!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~


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