My kids want a dog…

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For all the dog lovers out there…

2013 Jr. Iditarod winner, Noah Periera’s team

Last weekend our family went to Mendon Ponds Park to the annual WinterFest.  There were a lot of activities throughout the park and although there wasn’t a lot of snow, there was enough to cover the ground.  We were lucky to see various groups of local dog sled teams!  There were about 5 different teams, all with their dogs, sleds, trailers or trucks and in one case a mini-bus that carried the dogs, supplies and the dog owners!!

 Most of the dogs were in “working mode” and you could tell they wanted to run.  Due to very little snow their was no race that day, instead they ran practice runs so onlookers could see the process… cool for us!   Among the groups was the winner of the 2013 Junior Iditarod winner, Noah Pereira, with his dogs.  It’s truly amazing to think he crossed 150 miles in Alaska with his dogs and won the race!  Too see more about him, check out this nice article…

2013 Junior Iditarod winner

Now my kids  really want a dog, specifically a husky!  They play “dog”, make up dog names for each other and frequently ask “Mom, Can we get a dog?”  Maybe… but unfortunately for my kids we are pretty content with our cat for the time being…

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water ~


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