The whirlwind of Christmas and the calm after the storm

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The days following Christmas are like the calm after a storm!   You know it’s coming, you anticipate, you buy, you prepare with food and drink….suddenly it’s here in a commotion, then “viola,” it’s over and your left with the aftermath!!  Yep, just like a storm!  And most importantly, the clean-up.  It may not be snow, water or tree-damage but instead it’s kitchen, family room and everywhere else cookie crumbs, sprinkles, wrapping paper and pine needles have made their way to!  

For the past 2 days I have been following behind my kids,who are having fun opening and inspecting all the parts of their new toys.  Not to mention, my daughter knocked down our Christmas tree yesterday (complete with broken ornaments and water from the tree stand on the floor)!  I didn’t yell or scream, simply stayed as calm as possible (since it was an accident) then asked her to help sop up the water and vaccum up the broken glass ornaments I’ve collected over the years…


My little loves, they leave a whirlwind behind them.  Even though I asked them to pick up yesterday, which they did without argument, it still appears that NO picking up has taken place!  But they are little, they are excited and it is the holidays…so toys, sprinkles and cookie crumbs are about par!   As my mom says, “enjoy these years while they are little!”  Every day is a new adventure! I remember the fun of Christmas when I was young, my mom probably remembers following my sister and I around-  in our Post-Christmas whirlwind!   🙂 


This was inspired by my friends 7 year old son, who said “I can’t believe it’s all over” in regards to Christmas! Happy holidays…                     Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water~


One thought on “The whirlwind of Christmas and the calm after the storm

    Rochester Artisans said:
    December 28, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about your broken ornaments! Good for you for staying calm – I’m sure she felt bad, as it was.

    Happy New Year, Betsy!

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