Painting with your kids

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Some people are intimidated to let their kids paint, I say “No, way”!!  Kids can learn so much by using just a few colors, a paintbrush and a piece of paper!  I sat down with my kids one day, put a big piece of newspaper on the floor we got to work mixing colors!


Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors so with just those 3 colors you can make others…I started with acrylic craft paint in those 3 colors and an old Tupperware… easy and inexpensive!

Orange, green and purple are secondary colors, they are made my mixing primary colors!

Instead of using only one brush and dipping it in all the colors, I recommend using 3 small paintbrushes so you have a brush for red, one for yellow and one for blue.

Now your kids become the artists!  To make Orange have your kids carefully mix: red and yellow, to make Green have them mix: Yellow and Blue, to make Purple they mix: blue and red!


After we made our secondary colors we put each color, orange, green and purple in Ziploc bags, sealed the bags and squished the paint around in each bag… so much fun for little kids!  It’s a great tactile activity and the kids get to witness the results of their mixing!

My kids wanted to know about black and white, what colors did they make??  I put some of each on the Tupperware and let them see what happened!!  They had fun finding out the result- gray!


Our masterpiece in Primary color mixing is below….


Have fun and don’t be afraid to let your kids use paint once in awhile!  Remember, if they get paint on their hands and arms,  acrylic craft paint is usually washable!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water~


2 thoughts on “Painting with your kids

    Deb said:
    October 20, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Very fun. Your children are much tidier painters than mine. We did “leaf painting” a few days ago and it turned into pure carnage resulting in washing the table, chairs, the floor, a load of laundry plus a major scrubbing of children. Thankfully I chose for them to use tempera paints which washed up well.

    petunia106 responded:
    October 21, 2013 at 1:30 am

    It’s so funny how letting them use just a little bit of paint leads to it getting on places of your house you never imagined possible!?! When painting with my kids, we usually go outside but with chilly days and nights upon us, not much outside painting now! I think it’s great you attempted the leaf paintings with your kids- it sounds like they had fun! It’s always an adventure with kids!

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