7 Silver Necklaces

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This week I was contacted by a bride-to-be to make custom order necklaces for her bridal party… She needed them by August 8 and wondered if I could make them for her.  I told her “yes, I could make them” in that time frame and got to work on the 7 necklaces she needed- 1 for each member of the bridal party!

It was wonderful of this bride to seek out (and support) hand-made jewelry!  Everything I make is hand-formed (by me), I do my own silver soldering and cleaning, photography of my work and shipping.

Seven Hand-formed Initial Pendants
by Betsy Murray

From forming the initials to making the jump rings, each and every aspect of the necklaces for this bridal party was carried out by me (not including making the chains that is).  I love designing, working with and making metalwork jewelry and custom orders are especially fun to work on!  Making something, whether a ring, necklace or earrings, for others allows me to expand my design process and create something I may not have thought of if not for the mind of the customer!

The Bridal Party necklaces are finished, now it’s all about the presentation!

Since these sterling silver necklaces were for a bridal party, I packaged each one the same and shipped them off to their new home in Massachusetts!

Interested in a hand-made custom order?  You can find me on etsy or Facebook at the link below. I’d be happy to work with you.  Have a great weekend!

Betsy~ Sunshine On Water~ www.etsy.com/shop/SunshineOnWater 



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