Sure, I can fix your jewelry!

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This past spring, I had a few friends approach me about fixing their jewelry.  I’m not normally a jewelry repair person (since I MAKE my own jewelry) but of course I said “Sure, I can”!

In both circumstances, it was for the same style necklace bought on, silver discs with your children’s name stamped on each disc then placed on a jump ring and chain.  I have no idea if the maker cut the silver discs by hand (I’m apt to think they didn’t but who am I to judge, right?)  I think  they probably stamp the name you request on the disc and call it a day… maybe I should buy one of those hand-stampers?!!  I also assume they don’t work with a torch to create hot connections, hence this is where the repair came into play….

A jump ring is the little metal circle used to connect a pendant to a necklace chain.  On my friends necklaces, the jump rings holding the discs to the chain had an open connection rather than closed.  They had pulled apart and were no longer holding the discs on the chain= un-wearable.   If you have kids, chances are they will pull on your necklace!  If the jump ring is an open connection the result is usually the pendant pulling off the chain then you saying… “oh no, look what you did” to said child!

The original jump ring is on the left and the new one is on the charm!

I fixed both friends pendants by: making new jump rings with sterling silver, placing them on the pendant and silver soldering the jump ring closed using my torch, flux & silver solder.

Silver Soldering the jump ring closed (Note: this pendant was not made by me!)

In all reality, it makes the necklace much more secure, plus if you have a necklace you love, you probably want to WEAR it!! 🙂

I also fixed a friends Pandora bracelet which had come apart in the same way… I did the same, made a new jump ring then placed it on the charm and silver soldered the jump ring closed.  I sanded it smooth, polished and viola, shiny and wearable again!!

Fixed and ready to go!

I love working with metal!  I make my designs for people with children in mind and in all reality, we need our jewelry to be comfortable and durable (yet still beautiful!!).  I make all of my designs by hand, along with my own jump rings which I securely close using silver solder.  This ensures a durable pendant for those with little ones!

On these initial pendants, you can see I’ve securely closed the three jump rings on each.


Keep tidbits like this in mind the next time you purchase a necklace!  🙂 Have a great weekend!!

Betsy ~ Sunshine On Water


2 thoughts on “Sure, I can fix your jewelry!

    Charlene said:
    July 21, 2013 at 11:34 am

    good point. I always make a point to solder closed any jumps rings. it makes the piece more secure and I think it looks more finished if the jump ring is soldered closed.
    good for you, and good for your friends!

    petunia106 responded:
    July 21, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Thank you Charlene! You’re right, besides being more secure it does make the piece you’ve worked so hard on look more finished. With hand-made art and jewelry, it’s all about small details like that to make our work stand out!

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