Making Sterling Silver Earrings

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Here are the steps I took to make a pair of my sterling silver earrings! I left out a few photos but I think this gives you the idea just how many steps there are and what is involved along the way!! Yes, all aspects of these metalwork earrings are made by me! Enjoy!

This is how the sterling silver I use comes from the supplier… It is in a very long spool, they cut it to the length of your choice. This is .925 Sterling Silver which means it’s comprised of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper.  For these earrings, I used half-hard, 18 Gauge Sterling.

Next I formed, shaped and polished earring hooks also with sterling silver…

Once earring hooks were done, I designed the shape I would make, Geometric Triangles… Keep in mind, I had to shape BOTH triangles the SAME size. That is so important when making hand-made earrings… Be sure you form each design the same to be SURE both earrings will be a match when finished! Patience and careful forming with needle nose pliers are required! 🙂


Next I apply a drop of flux to the sterling silver once it’s in position in my grippers. Using only a drop of flux makes for easier clean up of your metal later.  I also use a very small piece of solder chip.. Again, the smaller the amount of solder the better!
**( I use lead-free Silver Solder which is safe to work with and can be found online or at hobby shops)**

SUCCESS…The triangle has been soldered together as well as the mid-segment soldered (CAREFULLY)on! Now my design is ready to be pickled and cleaned!! P1370349

After all that and some cleaning, I place the triangles on the earring hooks I made and viola! They are bright, shiny and definitely unique! I love the window effect created with these earrings.. P1370716

Finished and ready to wear, these are one-of-a-kind!!

Now it’s on to more metalworking my friends!

Sunshine On Water


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