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Spring is like the rebirth of the world for us covered in snow half the year! I am waiting, as I know so many others of us are in the Northeast, for spring to show it’s beauty. We have some flowers popping up, blossoms waiting on the Magnolia tree and daffodils on their way.. although snow the other day didn’t help much, today it is sunny and bright!

We have seeds planted in little cups inside by a sunny window, the Arugula literally germinated in 1 day- amazing!  I do think it’s the rebirth of the flowers, trees and grass that awakens our senses and puts us in a frenzy to find the flip flops in our closet and put  them on even though it’s only 50 degrees out!

I am in the midst of creating inventory for upcoming shows, one I am quite honored to be part of, Fairport Canal Days.. A 2 day event in Fairport, NY along the Erie Canal.. this will be my first of a 2 day art show and I am looking forward to it! Busy making inventory, getting my display ready and pricing my work.. I will be sharing a space with another talented artist, Candi of By Cee Cee! Her etsy shop is found here if you want to check out her work… https://www.etsy.com/shop/ByCeeCee 🙂

All this prep work is inspiring me to create more, a bit of a creative rebirth maybe? I am a bit stubborn and love a challenge so I just keep on going… designing and making, with a dose of love for what I do mixed in!


Here are few process photos.  Check out my etsy shop- Sunshine On Water at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SunshineOnWater?ref=seller_info



I hand-formed the triangle and letter M for this Initial pendant




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