Why Sunshine On Water?

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I took these photos while on vacation a few weeks ago, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Every morning I got up to take a photo of the sunrise over the ocean. Not that I love to get up early, especially while on vacation, but to me the fact that I could actually see the sun rising over the ocean was worth getting up for!

Something about the sun peeking over the watery horizon is inspirational to me. It pure perfection in this chaotic world we live in. I live in Upstate New York, where the trees are abundant, so sunrise over the horizon is obstructed throughout the year. But the fact that every morning, no matter what, the sun is always there, peeking over the ocean… well it is consistent, reliable and always there bringing light to North America!

I took these photos from the same location on the beach over 4 consecutive days.
Some people ask me “Why Sunshine On Water?”… Well, now that you know my love for sunrise over the ocean, the name for my blog, etsy shop and Facebook page- Sunshine On Water– should make more sense! So this is one reason for my name, the other I will save for another day and another blog!

Although my family and I are home now in Upstate New York, surrounded by Maple and Oak trees, I am thankful for those sunrises over the ocean and look forward to more in the future on our next vacation.

Sunshine On Water


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