What are you asking me??

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I am a stay at home mom- yes it is extremely time consuming!  Physically (as in running around outside, making snowmen in the yard) but more so emotionally!!  I am asked so many questions every day, some of them I honestly can not even answer because they make no sense!!  Today my daughter asked me as we are in the parking lot at Wegmans Grocery Store, “mom, does the other Wegmans you usually go to have the same stores?”  Hmm, not sure what she meant at first so how should I answer this question…Then she said in a tizzy, as if I was supposed to know…. “I mean, does it have the same stores in the plaza as the other Wegmans?”  Ok, now I can answer her  question!   Sometimes the questions make complete sense and I know exactly what my kids are asking, other times I am just thrown for a loop! 


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